This week is the time for the annual Thanksgiving tournament, with Madden 24 coins  the most intriguing of them all is a game between the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys remain last with a 3-7 record, but they seem revitalized following their return to Tony Romo. They'll look to be the first team to take down the undefeated Panthers which could be more likely than many believe. Our panel is divided in this game Four of us pick Carolina and four deciding to go with Dallas.

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The 1 p.m. schedule features a few games with significant playoff implications. one of the most crucial games will take place at the Georgia Dome when the Atlanta Falcons (6-4) face the Minnesota Vikings (7-3). The Falcons are in a funk following a 5-0 start, having suffered losses in four of their last five games. The Falcons are also letting other teams to catch them up during the NFC Wild Card race. The Vikings have lost the first spot in their division after losing an away game to The Green Bay Packers, but they are still a major player of the NFC. The experts at our site predict Atlanta's tailspin to continue with a pick of Minnesota with a 6-2 lead.

The NFC East is as big and a shambles as ever however, a crucial division game will take place at FedEx Field when Washington (4-6) will play the New York Giants (5-5). The Giants are on a break following an intense loss to the New England Patriots in Week 10. while Washington's momentum was stopped by a rout by the Panthers. It's fitting that the division is so wide, there's a lack of consensus on a panel, with cheap madden 24 coins  just a slight 5-3 advantage to the Giants.