“The debate will conclude on November 7, when EA Sports and Spotify will announce  FUT 23 Coins the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack, a playlist on Spotify consisting of the Top 100 most-streamed and most-nominated tracks,” reads the announcement. “Additionally a selection of the most popular tracks will also be unveiled and will be included in FIFA 23’s World Cup update.”

Earlier this year, EA‘s president of music Steve Schnur revealed that Kasabian‘s 2004 hit ‘Club Foot’ remains his all-time favourite FIFA song but added that Blur‘s ‘Song 2’ remains “the quintessential football song.”

Speaking to NME about being involved with the FIFA 22 soundtrack, Baby Queen said: “The fact that they support so many up and coming musicians like myself instead of just going for artists that already have big established profiles is amazing. It’s exactly the sort of promotion and support that we need at this moment in time.”

“They’re not choosing the tracks based on any of the other stuff that comes with being an artist, they’re just supporting you because of the music you make,21; she added.

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That’s according to Fut Sheriff on Twitter (via VGC), who claims that EA has no plans to bring FIFA 2316;s World Cup mode to Ultimate Team, which is buying FIFA 23 Coins  due to start soon. While players will reportedly be able to acquire special cards and themed content, but there will be no specific integration with Ultimate Team.